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Foundation for Conservation & Research of Urban Traditional Architecture, India
This Foundation represents an experiment in involving the public in a program to restore and conserve the heritage of their city, Calcutta, as well as their individual neighborhoods and communities.
http://iisd1.iisd.ca/50comm/commdb/list/c36.htm (added 8 years ago)

The Wisdom Fund Picture Gallery
Ancient Islamic Monuments in India.
http://www.twf.org/Gallery.html (added 8 years ago)

Moods of the Taj
In a run through over 40 color photographs' of this section, watch people watch the pastel hues of a misty morning or tawny sunset dissolving into myriad images of the mausoleum.
http://iconsoftec.com/TajMahal/ (added 8 years ago)

Islam: A Global civilization

http://www.templemount.org/islamiad.html (added 8 years ago)

Images Northern India
From Abu, Dilwara Temple of Jains dates back from 1030 AC and was built by the Chalukyan kings of Gujrat to Udaipur, Palace in the lake as seen in the picture is at Udaipur. For the purpose of amuseme
http://philae.sas.upenn.edu/Hindi/hindipix.html (added 8 years ago)

Mughal India
From Akbar's magnificent capital at Fatehpur Sikri to the marbled splendor of the Taj Mahal, the Mughals left a dazzling legacy of fairytale temples, palaces, and fortresses.
http://www.best.com/~fearless/Mughalindia.html (added 8 years ago)

Encyclopedia of Indian Temple Architecture
This initial part of Volume II continues the ground-breaking attempt by the American Institute of Indian Studies to clarify and organize the principles of Indian temple architecture for Western reader
http://pup.princeton.edu/titles/4261.html (added 8 years ago)

Manchanda Associates
A Delhi based consultancy firm established in 1993. A mid-size firm to give detailed personal attention to each project.
http://members.tripod.com/~shamit/index.html (added 8 years ago)

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